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The weekly conversation with the sharpest e-commerce marketers behind the growth of the fastest growing DTC brands. 

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Do you want to know how today’s best e-commerce marketers are actually driving growth? Yeah, so do we! So we set out to start this podcast to find out WHO is making big things happen, and HOW they are doing it. Join us, Jeremy Biron and Gen Furukawa, as we learn and share actionable tactics that you can implement in your eCommerce marketing game today!

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Jeremy Biron


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Gen Furukawa


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May 06, 2021

How A Pivot To 1-on-1 Calls with Customers has Unlocked Growth, with Farrukh Lalani

Daria Day sells handcrafted ethical jewelry made in the mountains of Northern Pakistan. It embodies everything that makes ecommerce amazing: connecting artisans in remote mountains of Northern Pakistan with customers who want beautiful, ethical jewelry. Daria Day sells jewelry, but at its core it connects people. And tells the story of these people who create the jewelry. CEO and Founder Farrukh Lalani is masterful at telling the story of these artisans, and making consumers invested emotionally in the story. One way that Farrukh conveys the story so effectively is with dedicated 1-on-1 calls with customers. Right on the homepage, it is open to anyone who wants to learn about the brand. As a small team, this is a tremendous investment of time and energy. But it was a pivot in the pandemic, and the results have been tremendously impactful: - Learning directly from customers — helped identify gaps in their inventory, so that she can capture unmet customer demand - Greater understanding of customers - a natural extension of many in-depth conversations - Higher conversion rates - customers learn more about the brand and the artisans behind the jewelry, and convert at higher rates, with greater upsell conversion rates. Farrukh uses these calls, up to 40 minutes each, to learn about your customers and their pain points. It started as a way to entice potential customers to engage with the brand, and has turned into one of her most effective sales cahnnels. This is a tremendous story of building deep customer relationships in a unique yet accessible way.

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Apr 28, 2021

Frameworks to Learn Exactly Why Your Customers Buy, With Bob Moesta

Bob is on a lifelong quest to discover what “value” is for a customer. And Bob breaks it down in a way that is almost universal in its formula: “Value is a combination of the context I'm in, the place that I'm starting in, and the place I want to go. And the trade-offs I'm willing to make in order to get there. They'll ultimately, it's that set of equation of variables that I'm trying to actually help understand.” And this is the Jobs To Be Done framework that Bob helped create, answering the most important question that we all seek to answer as marketers: “Why do people buy the products that they do?” If you can crack that code, you’ve made marketing a whole lot easier. Understand questions like: • What are their current struggles? • What does progress look like? • How do we help customers bridge the gap between the two? Nobody buys anything randomly. There are reasons driving every purchase decision. Bob’s frameworks and questions help peel back the layers to better understand what those causes are. This impacts product positioning, ad campaigns, marketing strategy, and ultimately the trajectory of business success. Bob is the President & CEO of The Re-Wired Group and serves as a Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute. As a visual thinker, teacher, and creator, Moesta has worked on and helped launch more than 3,500 new products, services, and businesses across nearly every industry.

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Apr 14, 2021

How Malicious Third-Party Code Costing May Be Impacting Your Profits and Customer Experience, with Kathleen Booth

Hackers and digital security is something that every website owner fears. Data breaches have impacted the biggest brands in the world, like Adobe, Target, and eBay. But there’s something even more common that could be impacting your store today: malicious third party code. Browser extensions like Honey, Capital One Shopping, and others promise savings to anyone who uses it. These extensions aggregate and share unauthorized coupons that impact the customer experience, and your profits. In this discussion with’s VP of Marketing, Kathleen Booth, we discuss what Digital Engagement Security is, and how it impacts eCommerce brands. This is an important discussion to offer ways to protect the user experience, and profits, that you work so hard to build up. You don’t want malicious or untrusted browser extensions to insert themselves in the relationship between you and your customers. Topics that we discuss: • An overview of engagement security -- what it is, and how it impacts brands • How you can prevent coupon extensions on your store • The magnitude of the problem, in terms of impact on profits and how pervasive it actually is

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