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The weekly conversation with the sharpest e-commerce marketers behind the growth of the fastest growing DTC brands. 

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Do you want to know how today’s best e-commerce marketers are actually driving growth? Yeah, so do we! So we set out to start this podcast to find out WHO is making big things happen, and HOW they are doing it. Join us, Jeremy Biron and Gen Furukawa, as we learn and share actionable tactics that you can implement in your eCommerce marketing game today!

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Jeremy Biron


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Gen Furukawa


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Recent Episodes

Jul 28, 2021

How To Maximize The Valuation of Your eCommerce Business for a Successful Sale with Chris Shiperfling of Global Wired Advisors

The market for buying and selling eCommerce businesses is extremely hot right now, with roll up funds like, Elevate, and OpenStore raising gobs of money to acquire ecommerce businesses. But what are the mechanics of this -- in valuation, selling, and maximizing the value of a business? In this episode, Chris Shipferling, Managing Partner at investment bank Global Wired Advisors, an investment bank focused on eCommerce and digital businesses. Chris specialty is helping businesses achieve their maximum valuation, and finding the best buyers who will acquire at the maximum valuation possible. In this conversation, Chris explains the fundamentals of the sales process: How businesses are valued What buyers are looking for when purchasing a business (and brand) What the current trends and valuations are in a hot market This is an insightful conversation on what the “end game” of many entrepreneurs is, as they sell their business.

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Jul 21, 2021

What Is Your Game Plan To Maximize Your eCommerce Profits? with Rob te Braake

eCommerce is a cash-intensive business model. Capital is often tied up in inventory, or with a supplier. So there is a delicate balancce to managing cash — when to reinvest it for growth, and when to pull cash flow. This is where a CFO can help with strategic growth, by understanding this. Rob te Braake is Founder of Insight Matters, a financial consultancy that helps eCommerce businesses translate financial data into actionable insights in order to have clear directions to make your business thrive. In this conversation, Rob shares the process he uses to analyze a business’s metrics to improve profits. He calls it a Financial Game Plan. WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? What are your goals? It is crucial to know where do you want to take your business HOW WILL YOU GET THERE? We set the KPI's that will pave the way to the realization of your goals WHAT DATA DO YOU NEED What information do you need to track the metrics, and where do these come from WHERE ARE YOU ON THE WAY What your bookkeeper needs to change so you see where you are.

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Jul 14, 2021

How Instacart Be A Profitable Acquisition Channel for your Brand, With Naira Perez

Naira Perez is Founder of SpringHill Digital, with over two decades of marketing experience. One channel she’s been focusing on to help brands grow: Instacart. I didn’t know that paid ads for Instacart was even a conceivable channel, but it has significant upside, if the strategy is executed properly. Naira comes from a background in direct response advertising, building brands on TV before digital was even a thing. In this conversation, we cover topics on how she helps her ecommerce clients scale, by understanding her audience, and using that knowledge to target and segment more effectively.

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