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The weekly conversation with the sharpest e-commerce marketers behind the growth of the fastest growing DTC brands. 

About Cart Overflow

Do you want to know how today’s best e-commerce marketers are actually driving growth? Yeah, so do we! So we set out to start this podcast to find out WHO is making big things happen, and HOW they are doing it. Join us, Jeremy Biron and Gen Furukawa, as we learn and share actionable tactics that you can implement in your eCommerce marketing game today!

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Jeremy Biron


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Gen Furukawa


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Recent Episodes

Nov 11, 2021

How To Sell More With Video Shopping, with Claudiu Cioba

Video is the future for ecommerce brands. Video can be used in various ways to improve the customer experience, from driving engagement, conversion, and product adoption. Claudiu Cioba, Founder of VideoWise, shares strategies on how to get more ecommerce sales from video. 3 ways that he discusses in this conversation: - Product presentation - Far more dynamic and engaging than a static image on a product description page, a video can bring a product to life in a short amount of time. - Proactively answer customer objection - Customers have questions that they want to research and answer before a purchase. Video can quickly answer these, especially when presented by other customers or influencers - Product Education - Video can show a “how-to” of using a product, whcih ultimately translates to happier customers and higher likelihood of repeat purchases. Video is deeply embedded in the future of ecommerce, and Claudiu is busy building that with VideoWise. Listen in for strategies on leveraging user generated content, and using video to engage customers and generate revenue.

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Nov 03, 2021

Quick wins for eCommerce success - strategies and tactics for super-quick results with Jessica Totillo Coster

Jessica Totillo Coster is Founder of eCommerce badassery - an email marketing strategist for boutique owners and product entrepreneurs. A former boutique owner in New York and an eCommerce & Email Marketing Strategist for boutique owners & product entrepreneurs, she is a rockstar when it comes to ecommerce email and marketing. In this conversation, Jessica walks through her process of strategically building an email program that helps you connect, nurture, and sell products in a way that customers love. It follows a framework of: Deep Dive Create & Implement Test & Go LIve Campaign Strategy We get very tactical in this conversation on how to actually build out the automations that contribute to revenue.

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Oct 27, 2021

Opting in to Optimization: How Successful Ecommerce Brands Convert More Customers, Increase Profits, and Create Raving Fans with Jon MacDonald

Jon MacDonald knows how to get website visitors to take action. As Founder of The Good, a conversion-rate optimization firm, he has worked with enterprise brands like Adobe, Nike, Xerox and more. And today, as demand increases for ecommerce brands, so too has customer expectations of what a shopping experience is. Brands need to understand these expectations in order to improve from foundational basics to advanced strategies. In this conversation, Jon expands on what the fundamentals of conversion rate optimization are, how and why discounting is a huge drain on profits, and how brands can capture customer data to improve personalization campaigns. Jon just released his second book, Opting In To Optimization, which is a set of principles that will help ecommerce leaders capitalize on unprecedented market demand and build sustainable, thriving businesses that can weather unexpected economic storms.

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